Incredible! See These Amazing Video Of Little Kids Already Preparing For Olympics 2032

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Nigerians need to learn from this… These Kids are already preparing for a Competition that will come up in the next 16 years (2032).. Trust Naija, Na 2 Weeks we go start our own preparations!!

While the 2016 Olympics are still ongoing, something incredible is happening that not everyone knows about; the champions of the 2032 Olympics are already preparing themselves.

These kids range from only 4 years to about 10 years old. We give you the future Olympic champions:

1. Elizabeth Christensen


Elizabeth Christensen regularly swims at home

For Elizabeth Christensen as at only 16 months old, her parents posted a video of her swimming across a pool, totally unassisted, without any flotation devices.  Over time, this young swimmer has gotten better and better, diving into deeper and deeper pools with training from instructors and her parents.

2. Arat Hosseini


Arat Hosseini has become an internet darling

Arat Hosseini is almost 3 years old, but he is already on his way to making history as a gymnast. The little boy practices with his father in his home, for 20 t0 30 minutes daily. He does full splits on the television set and climbs walls with his bare hands.

3. Nijee ‘The Future’


Nijee ‘The Future’ might be the future of boxing

Nijee is only 7, but already beats kids older than him in the ring, he started training with his father as a boxer at a young age and when he was five, a video of him boxing on YouTube went viral.


Since the age for young boxers to have their first bout is 8, we are sure he will soon have his first professional bout as he prepares to surprise the world in 2032.

4. Enzo Lee


Enzo Lee, because one ball is not enough

Enzo Lee is on his way to making basketball history, at 5, he already plays in a basketball league for 7 year olds, he is  that good! His father, Micheal Lee, has been posting pictures of him on Instagram and he has become so popular after catching the eye of top NBA players.

He is already one of the top young players in the US. And come 2032, Enzo will be ready to shock the world.

5. Ronay Arabaci


Ronay Arabaci with German football star, Schweinsteiger

Ronay Arabaci is only 8 years old, but this youngster who plays football at FC Koln in Germany is already being compared to Lionel Messi and Zidane.

Scoring goals that have left onlookers baffled, this kid may be the next wonder of the world at Olympics 2032. He has met with football stars from all over the world.

I really cannot wait for 2032, can you?

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