Naijalodites, Do You Agree With This Popular TV Star That Silver And Bronze Medals Should Not Be Celebrated In The Olympics?

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Popular TV personality, ex CNN journalist and Arsenal fan, Piers Morgan, sparked controversy and a debate on twitter when he suggested that Athletes competing in any Olympics event should be ashamed of themselves if they celebrate a Silver or Bronze medal.

He subsequently wrote an article about it on the Dailymail UK, insisting that Athletes in any Olympics event should always be fighting for Gold, and anything else (Silver And Bronze) is a failure.

Just can’t get excited by Silver & Bronze medals.
You win or you lose.
Gold is all that matters.

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  • But, in a strange twist of fate, the Nigeria football team were in mad celebrations after beating Honduras 3-2 in the Rio 2016 Olympics football tournament to finish third.
  • Bronze-Mikel
  • The victory saw Nigeria end the football tournament with a Bronze medal and it was received with celebrations by the players and members of the Nigeria football federation.
  • Bronzeeeeee
  • John Mikel Obi, the Dream Team IV captain, even wrote on his weekly Standard UK column that he slept with his bronze medal.

    When I woke up in my hotel room on Sunday morning, I opened my eyes to see my Olympic bronze medal lying there beside me,” the 29-year-old wrote on his column in the Standards Sports.

    It just hammered home to me what I had achieved with the rest of my Nigeria team-mates the day before.

  • “I went to sleep last night with my medal beside me; I couldn’t and didn’t want to let it out of my sight,” he wrote.

    So we are putting this question to Naijalodites: Should Silver and Bronze Medals from Olympics be celebrated in Nigeria? Should it be seen as Success or Failure? Decide!

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