3 Alternative Jobs For Burna Boy If He Decides To Quit Music

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So Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy stupendously stated on his twitter account that he is considering backing out from the vibrant and competitive music world on the 1st of October 2016.

Worldclassicmusic.com expresses our sympathy and we have highlighted 3 jobs the 25-year old could venture into if he makes up his mind to quit music:

1) Club Quilox Bouncer:

For a man who is incredibly built with a stern look, his attributes is a valuable asset for the popular Club Quilox in Lagos.


Remember the Wizkid and Dammy Krane bust-up at the same venue? Imagine Burna Boy was present at the scene, he would have settled the dispute with gusto.

We already know that Burna Boy is creative at sending death threats via the internet to bloggers (Team Worldclassicmusic has tagged whoever wrote this article anonymous, who noe fear?!), so this kind of job would ultimately cement his stance as the baddest of the baddest baddest dude.


2) Hype Man For Kuti And Family

Remember that Benson Idonije, Burna Boy’s grandfather, was an ardent music critic who toured with the late Fela Kuti.

We have also seen Burna Boy imitate some of Fela’s antics like going to the stage in n**e.

BB could take a job as a Hype Man for the Kuti’s.


3) Hair Stylist

Burna Boy is very creative when it comes to his hair business. From the moderate hair-cut in the music video for Like to Party to unprecedented blonde and brunette looks, who knows if the hair stylist world is his second calling?


Which Other Jobs Should Burna Boy Consider If He Decides To Quit Music?

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