[WC Gist] Happy To Miss Dorcas Uwague Wishes From EFOSKI ENTERTAINMENT

Happy To Miss Dorcas Uwague

Young Talented Dorcas Uwague Celebrate her 20th years birthday today. Her name is Dorcas uwague.. Young, Amazing, classy and God fearing, she hail from Benin city, Edo State.. She is a student of University of Benin,studying political science/public administration.

Dorcas is a Gospel singer, A song writer under Efoski Label. Dorcas has won numerous award over the years.. She won the Dominions city music award 2016, she also won next rated Gospel act 2017 and recently won the Voice Uniben. Dorcas won the art of the month in February 2017. As we Celebrate her 20th birthday 2nd of July and her achievements and impact in the world. Dorcas launched her album wayback in April which she titled “Grace”. Blowing out another candle should mean that you’ve made this world a better place, you were brought into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you! You are a wonderful person. I wish you happy birthday and many blessing in your career.  POWERED BY:  EFOSKI ENTERTAINMENT



[Wc Celebrity] Actress Funmilayo Adelusi Paloma – Interview Session With Fredoo Perry

If you ask Any keen observer of trends in Nollywood to point to

an actress that should be crowned queen

of the core Nollywood acting skies, you are

sure that the observer will point at the

popular Nollywood actress, Funmilayo Adelusi Paloma .

The Sociology and Anthropology

graduate of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University,

Awka is undoubtedly a leading actress in

the sector.

An actress of vast credit and extraordinary

beauty who has had more than a steady

run in the movie since she joined the

industry in 2004, Funmilayo has continued to

reign over the Nigerian home video scene

and has outlasted a few of her peers in

terms of sustained relevance at the apex,

not only because of her grace, beauty,

artistic carriage and devotion to the job,

but because the Ekiti State born

actress is simply a naturally talented


Generally viewed as a gem that has

remained unshaken and unbeatable,

And In every movie I take part in,

there must be something memorable about

it. And I watch most of them over and over

again to see what I have done and how I

can improve on my next job

You have been walking tall off and on


In fact an entertainment website

recently named you the reigning queen of


What is the secret?

My relationship with God is the secret. I

think what has kept me going in the

industry is prayers and the fact that I really

have passion for the job. Again if you ask

all those I have worked with, I am sure

they will attest to the fact that I take my

work seriously no matter what role I am

given to play. I started with the popular

saying that ‘no role is too small’ and I

have kept at that. Again, I also do my best

to interprete my roles well. Once I am given

a role, I commit personal resources to

researching the character and getting it

right. I am sure my fans are generally

entertained because my producers tell me

that they keep asking for more.

How will you assess the Nollywood


I think we are not doing badly at all except

that we need funding and the right

structures including distribution structures

so that we can sell movies and so that our

producers will have enough to make more

movies and that way we can earn monies

as practitioners.

At the moment what I take

home is not bad. But I am very certain that once we curb

piracy, improve distribution and properly

regulate the industry, things will improve.

But was acting really your career interest

as a child?

No, it was not. Well before I came into the

industry, I wanted to be a nurse . I was

actually about to start my nursing School before fate brought me into d

entertainment industry and since I joined

over a decade or so ago, I have worked in A law firm as a secretary.

What would you say are the pains of


No pain, no Gain

Well, you know everything that has an

advantage and also its disadvantages. For

me, I think the major pain is seeing a lot of

false information about me. False stories.

People impersonating me on social media,

sending out false information and using it

to defraud my fans. It is so painful. But I

know the pains come with being involved in

a glamorous industry such as the entertainment industry.

Are You Expecting Any Award This Year?

Yes By The Special Grace Of God.

What Is Your Full Name…

My is Funmilayo Adelusi Paloma,

Who Is Your Role Model?

Joke Silva Is My Role Model.

How Many Movies Have You Being Featured In?

Is up to 50 Movies..

Do You Have Any Crush In The Industry?

No for Now..

In Your Next Movies, who would love to be Featured With?

I think I Prefer Odunlade Adekola.

What is Your Advice For The Upcoming Actress Out There?

Like I Said Earlier, No Pain, No Gain, Whatever You Do just make sure you do it Well, And don’t give up, You Must Be Patient..

Have You Been Norminated For Any Award Before?

No.. But I believe Soon..

Which Tribe Are You From?

Yoruba.. The western Region of Nigeria.

Apart From Movies, What Else Do You Do As A Woman?

I cook And am also a Mother.. Thanks.

In Your Movie Titled Who Are You (Ta Ni E),

What is the scret Of Your Beauty

Still the trim and amazing

Queen. What’s the secret?

You mean I still look amazing? Wow,

thanks for the compliments. But honestly I

haven’t been doing much. Too busy I

guess. I just exercise once in a while. I

really don’t have enough time to myself

because of my work schedule. But I have

been trying to create time because one has

to take care of self to be able to remain in

business. But when I am not working, I just

go home and stay with my family. I also

like relaxing with a good novel or cool


How Many Movies Have You Produced?

I have Produced Two Movies Which Are Feyinti’ Oluwa And Who Are You (Ta Ni E)

What Was Your Role In The Movies?

In Feyit’ Oluwa I was Damola Olatunji’s Wife And In Who Are You (Ta Ni E) I was Odunlade Adekola’s Wife

Will You Still Maintain Your Shape? Because i love Your Structure

Thanks, I will..

And what are your expectations for the

AMAA’s. You sure looking forward to


Of course, yes. I really have a high

expectation for the coming AMAA awards. I

am still trilled at being nominated. They

have kept it going for the past ten years

and it is very commendable.

Any regret being an actor?

No, I do not have any regrets being an

actor. The job satisfaction I get from it is

awesome. Plus the joy and laughter I bring

into people’s lives is something I cherish a


Photos: Rat Tied Up And Publicly Shamed For “Stealing Rice” In China.

Photos seen on Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging platform, shows a rodent being tied up to what seemed to be a trolley.
A piece of paper attached to the animal’s body explained that it had been caught stealing rice at a convenient store.

The post said: ‘A friend of mine found a small rat in the warehouse of a convenient store.‘
It carried on saying: ‘After it was arrested, it was shamed by a poster.


The publisher was said to have been released
on Wednesday afternoon but told to return to
the station by 2pm on Thursday.
Publisher of Sahara Reporters,
Omoyele Sowore, who was
arrested by the police on
Wednesday, January 11, has
been released, The Cable

Upon his arrest in Ikeja, Lagos State, Sowore
was said to have been transferred to the
State Criminal Investigation Department
(SCID) in Panti over alleged criminal
defamation and blackmail.
A journalist, Lekan Fatodu , reportedly
facilitated the publisher’s arrest.

Sowore, whose website has been severally
accused of political propaganda was told to
return to the station by 2pm on Thursday,
January 12, the report said.
Earlier, the publisher had accused the police
of taking sides with Fatodu, whom he said
assaulted him.
He had said: “I was physically attacked today
by a gang led by Lekan Fatodu… he
assaulted me before police officers at Area
“F” in Ikeja in Lagos.
“After the police intervened soon as I was
attacked by Lekan Fatodu and his friends in
Lagos, we were taken to the CP’s office in

“Turns out he was in on this, he pulled out a
supposed petition written by Lekan from his
hat after that he became very hostile towards
me and ordered that we be driven to State
CID, at Panti in Lagos.
“It is very obvious that this was planned
between Lekan Fatodu and the police. They
offered him unbridled support as he
continued attacking me.”
But the spokesperson for the Lagos police
command, Dolapo Badmos , debunked the
“Today, 11/1/2017 at about 15:39hrs, a
distress call was received by the Lagos State
Police Command that Mr Omoyele Sowore –
Publisher of Sahara Reporters was being
attacked by suspected hoodlums around
Isaac John street, GRA, Ikeja,” Badmos said
in a statement.
“The police swiftly responded, and upon
arrival at the scene contrary to the report
that a robbery attack was taking place, the
police met the duo of Mr Omoyele Sowore
and Mr Lekan Fatodu engaged in a brawl/

“With a view to ascertaining what led to the
false alarm of a robbery, both parties were
taken before the commissioner of police.”
“In the course of police intervention, it was
found out that the brawl is in connection with
an earlier complaint of alleged threat to life,
defamation of character and blackmail made
by Lekan against Omoyele,”
She said the duo were subsequently referred
to the SCID, Panti where further investigation
into the case is ongoing.


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Date:Friday 13th Jan 2017
Time:8pm till dawn

Shalom shalom


 Pastor Adeboye remainsGeneral OverseerWorldwide, says RCCG

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye
remains the General Overseer ,
Worldwide of The Redeemed
Christian Church of God.
A statement signed by Leke Adeboye,
the clergyman’ s last son and Personal
Assistant said the clarification is
coming on the heels of
misrepresentation of Pastor E. A.

Adeboye ’s announcement at the
Annual Ministers Thanksgiving held
at the Redemption Camp on Saturday
that the Church in Nigeria is now to
be led by Pastor Joseph Obayemi .
Leke Adeboye reiterated that Pastor
Funsho Odesola, will now serve as the
new Church Secretary while Pastor
Joseph Adeyokunu , is the new Church
Treasurer .

He advised all members of RCCG to
understand the new structure and go
about their service to God and
humanity in holiness and soul
winning .

He also appealed to members to
educate people around them and not
spread inaccurate information
stressing that Pastor E . A Adeboye
remains the General Overseer of
RCCG Worldwide .

In Lagos: Nurse arrested for pulling off baby’s hand during delivery

The baby was immediately rushed to the Ikorodu General Hospital, where the dead child was finally delivered.

An auxiliary nurse simply identified only as Oyekanmi, is presently in police custody for pulling off a baby’s hand during delivery in the Odogunyan, Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that the mother of the baby was rushed to Oyekanmi, house last Saturday when she was in labour. The auxiliary nurse while attempting to force the delivery pulled off the hand of the baby.

The baby was subsequently rushed to the Ikorodu General Hospital, where the dead child was finally delivered.

After querying the baby’s parents, the hospital management then alerted the police to the incident.

“What happened was that the auxiliary nurse tried to deliver the woman of the baby, during which there was a complication. But she continued and in the end, the hand of the baby was pulled off while she tried to force the child out from the mother’s womb.

“Afterwards, they quickly packed the woman together and brought her to the general hospital. It had become a critical case by then. The remains of the dead child were brought out, while the matter was reported to the police,” a source disclosed.

SP Dolapo Badmos, the Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the incident and said investigations had begun.

“The doctor at the hospital discovered that something was amiss after taking a close look at the dead child and seeing that one hand had been pulled off. All the parties were invited to make statements. It is a case of infanticide; investigations are ongoing,” she said.